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Government Audit News—Earthquake Early Warning to Timely Evacuate Children

Children learn and grow at school for long periods of time. It is the most basic requirement to provide safe school buildings for them. To ensure the safety of campus, the K-12 Education Administration of the Ministry of Education has been cooperated with the Ministry of Science and Technology to subsidize the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE) for installing Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWs) in public elementary and secondary schools, providing accurate and immediate earthquake warning messages to earn more evacuating time for children. The Audit Division on Education and Agriculture (ADEA) of the National Audit Office used geographic information system and found out that schools located in geologically sensitive areas of active fault or in high potential soil liquefaction areas did not install EEWs. To improve the safety of campus, the ADEA issued the Notice of Audit to the K-12 education administration to accelerate the installment of EEWs and to give higher priority to schools with high potential risk of disasters caused by earthquakes to install EEWs. The security protection capabilities of campus are strengthened, and children can learn and grow in a safer environment.