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2019 June Hot Audit News

The New Taipei City Audit Division found out that the Revenue Service Office of the New Taipei City Government dealt with taxation operation with the situation of failing to legally deliver tax payable statement to taxpayer before due date, resulting in wasting a huge amount of time and human resources to clarify the status of delivery. After the division called for improvements, the office proposed to the Ministry of Finance for expanding the function of tax information system including recording the progress of delivery and enhancing the mechanism of address inspections to improve the efficiency of delivery.

The Department of Civil Affairs of the Taoyuan City Government and district offices disclosed information about details of townships’ operational expenditures on its official website with the aim to implement the integrity and transparency program for townships’ operational expenditures. However, The Taoyuan City Audit Division found out that the link of such information was not clear, resulting in an unfavorable situation to the public for making inquiries. After the division called for improvements, the department established a special area on the official website to timely release operational expenditures of townships and improve the public’s understanding and supervision of public affairs.

In order to provide integrated long-term care services to the public and fulfill the goal of aging in place, the Ministry of Health and Welfare proactively promoted the comprehensive care service system in communities and the distribution of care resources in communities. However, the National Audit Office found out that the speed of distribution did not meet the expectation. After the office called for improvements, the ministry sped the distribution of resources and strengthened the promotion of long-term care policy in order to increase the capacity of long-term care services and construct a meticulous network of care resources.