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Government Audit News-A Safe“Blue Highway” Back Home

Due to a shortage of commuting boats or no stationary voyages, residents living on offshore islands of the Penghu County commuted between the Four Southern Islands of the Wangan Township or from Hua Island to Magong City by fishing boats. The Penghu County Audit Office (PCAO) of the National Audit Office noticed this inconvenience traffic situation, and found out that there were about 3,000 people taking fishing boats for departures from Penghu’s Four Southern Islands each year. There were security concerns in peak tourism season from May to August. In view of taking fishing boats to those islands is not safe, PCAO conducted an audit and thereafter asked the Penghu County Government to take actions for improvements. The Penghu county government has started to subsidize the Wangan Township Office about NT$ 14 million since January 1, 2018 to commission private-owned enterprises to provide legalized boats on a regular basis—2 scheduled vessels per day from Magong City and Hua Island and 1 scheduled vessel on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Magong City to the Four Southern Islands to build up the “Blue Highway” for residents of Penghu County to go home safely.