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2019 April Hot Audit News

The NAO found out that Taiwan Water Corporation delayed the acquisition process of land to be used for the aqueduct of processing equipment in the Linnei Water Purification Plant of Yunlin County, which affected the running schedule of entire equipment. After the NAO called the Ministry of Economic Affairs to urge the corporation taking actions, the corporation applied for a project to sale public land in accordance with specific procedure and accelerated the construction of aqueduct. The entire processing equipment was put into use, significantly reducing the turbidity of the raw water in the plant and fulfilling the function of supplying water stably.

The Hualien County Audit Office found out that the number of small procurement for the maintenance of recycling trucks in Shoufeng Township, Guangfu Township, Rueisuei Township, Wanrung Township and Zhouxi Township in Hualien County was numerous, increasing the administrative workload related to those procurement. After the office called for improvements, the townships launched the open contract for routine maintenance items to simplify operational procedure, which increased efficiency and effectiveness of procurement and decreased the related expenditure.

The Hsinchu County Audit Office found out that the Hsinchu County Government conducted a development project of the Fengshan Industrial Zone of Hsinchu County but didn’t coordinate with the Armaments Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense actively to acquire the land in need, causing the process being delayed. After the office called for improvements, the land was acquired and the government took actions actively to attract industries, which not only effectively promoted the usage of land but also spurred the development of local industries.