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2019 November Hot Audit News

The Changhua County Audit Office found out that the Changhua County Government rented the land without land acquisition permission when handled the development of the Chennan Industrial Park. Also the residents’ opinions were not been taken, thus the residents were strongly against and the development was abolished. After the audit office called for improvement and reinforces the evaluation and coordination work in order to economize the cost of interest expense. The park has now been reverting to a specific area for agricultural use to promote the sustainable development of local agriculture.

The Yilan County Audit Office found out that the vendor entrusted by the Yilan County Government had some improper conducts in the operation and management of the Handicap Service Bus. After the audit office called for improvements, the government took the GPS as a standard regulation for its safety and the companies its self can hire the bus drivers to ensure its driving safety and enhance service capabilities.

The Taipei City Audit Office found out that the parking lot of the Hakka Culture Committee of Taipei City Government was only available to people doing business and was not open to the public, which violated the policy, wasted the parking resources and broke the principle of user charge. After audit office called for improvement, the Taipei City Parking Management Engineering Office has been entrusted to charge fees to fulfill the user charge principle.